Helsinki Based motion and visual designer.

I’m currently working @ Fake Graphics as a digital artist. At Fake I’m doing compositing and 2D animating.

私はフィンランドのヘルシンキでモーション・グラフィックデザイナーをしています。Fake graphicsで働いています。

This page is a mixed collection of things that I have done or been part of.



My Showreel

Huoratron – DDoS Music Video(Creative Director)

Huoratron – DDoS Music Video VFX Brakedown

Fake Graphics Reel 2014

Clientèle – Float (director)

Angry Birds Epic – Cinematic Trailer (Digital artist)

Angry Birds Toons – Pig Talent. I was working as a compositor for this episode.

Liiga TV Ident 2013 (compositing)

Meira – Kulta Katriina “The Journey” TVC (compositor and animator)

St1 Puhtaampaa, siksi halvempaa (FX compositor)

Aarteenetsijät Ident 2014(camera animation)

Voitto – Finnish television commercial competition 2013 (camera animation)

4finance / VIVUS Sweden – Transparent Conditions TVC (2013) (Additional CG helper)

clientèle – Centuries (director)

FAKE logo (animator)

Yle News 2012 (compositing)

clientèle – ciara body party remix (visual remix)

Visual Identity Design for Nelonen Pro / Finnish Ice Hockey League TV Programming 2013-2014 (compositing)

clientèle – visage vides (director)

Angry Birds Toons – Egg sounds. I was working as a compositor for this episode.

0100100 – Porsche (animator)

Angry Birds Toons – Wheres my crown. I was working as a compositor for this episode.

Liiga Ohjelmayhteistyötunnus 2013 (compositing)

4finance / VIVUS Poland – Loan in 15 minutes TVC (Additional CG helper)

clientèle – genny (director)

Jokakoti – Kadonneet kodit (Animator)

Promotional video for UU Island (Director)

Cover for Silver Bailey mixtape Avant-garde

Tapiola Omasäästö (Animator and compositor)

Tieto External Strategy (compositing)

Animations from Tiki Towers 2(animator and compositor)

A track cover for Gracias – Come On

Jokakoti – Asuntovahti (Animator)

TEDGlobal 2012: The Upside of Transparency (compositor)